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November 13, 2013
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Chromium Pro vs (beta1) for windows 8/8.1 by RaymonVisual Chromium Pro vs (beta1) for windows 8/8.1 by RaymonVisual
Inspired by chromium os. 
Fully transparent taskbar? Yes it is! Thanks to dblake1 and aeroglass.

chromium ctv vs… has alot of bugs which i can't fix. I always want a useful and good looking vs. So i decided to make a fresh and new look version of my chromium vs… .

You must download/install aeroglass and taskbarblurtoggle…
Planning to make rounder corners, custom bordercolors, bordertransparency. and various versions like w/ribbon, w/o ribbon, ctv (clovertabsversion), etc...
I hope you like it! :)

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Also, could you make one that insteat makes the window borders look like win7?
Only bug i have noticed so far it that the buttons stretch when you maximize.Also, you may have to tweak the default colors a bit.
For more Chrome OS wallpapers, i recommend downloading this .zip package FILLED with all the Chrome OS default wallpapers.…
aportz19 Feb 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh Great! Been waiting for this. but one question, bro nde nba pde i customize yung explorerframe sa windows 8/8.1? napansin ko kasi default windows 8/8.1 yung up button, at down and refresh button sa address bar? why is that?
grondinseane Jan 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great theme!  Exactly what I was looking for :-)  I am running windows 8.1 x64 and have found just a few graphical glitches/errors that I am not sure if you are aware of.  I linked an example here.   When a window is maximized the cation buttons are distorted and the close button hover and click action begin to far to the left of the button.  Not trying to nit pick here as this is a very nice theme :-) just wanted you to note these before an update happens...keep up the good work!
I found out something interesting today. It seems the dev of Glass8 has removed the (native) ability to blur the taskbar. With that gone, my tool no longer functions.

BUT StartIsBackPlus 1.5 implemented this feature so you no longer need Glass8 to use TBBT! You just need StartIsBackPlus which is far less resource intensive.

thanks for the info. ;)
Misaki2009 Jan 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
any updates on this, my friend? :(
i'm still busy :( but i think i will release a new updates after my birthday. :)
Misaki2009 Jan 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
no hurry but I was worried that you stopped working on it :(

Happy Birthday in advance in case I won't be online on DeviantART that week :D Hope you'll have an amazing day :D
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